$3.6 Billion in Bitcoin seized by Department of Justice USA in 2016 Bitfinex hack: The Accused Already out on Bail.


“Yesterday, Federal officials seized some $3.6 Billion worth of Bitcoin tied to the 2016 hack of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. About 119,756 BTC were stolen in the hack that was worth around $72 Million in August 2016 and more than $5.1 Billion at the current price. On Tuesday morning a New York resident Heather Morgan (Age: 31) along with her husband Ilya Lichtenstein was arrested and the pair have strongly proclaimed their innocence since then, and were granted bail on multi-million dollar bonds today.”

Heather Morgan (Age: 31) along with her husband Ilya Lichtenstein was arrested on Tuesday on charges of Money Laundering and conspiracy in relation to the 2016 Bitfinex hack. Out of the 119,752 BTC that were drained during the 2016 hack on Bitfinex, US Department of Justice (DOJ) was able to seize 94,000 BTC worth $3.6 Billion and rest 25,000 BTC were traced by DOJ transferred to financial accounts of Morgan and Lichtenstein after a search warrant allowed them to view the files containing the private keys of the wallets.

According to the DoJ complaint the pair is charged with laundering conspiracy and conspiracy to defraud the United States, however they are not charged with carrying out the hack itself. The first charge can be punished by up to 20 years in jail and the second by 5 years. Since yesterday they have been strongly proclaiming their innocence in front of the court and have now been released on multi-million dollar bonds.

Last week the on-chain analysis spotted a transfer of around 94,000 BTC related to Bitfinex hack and now it has been cleared that it was a seizure conducted by the federal agents and in a statement by the department, it is claimed to be the largest financial seizure by the department ever.