According to Cambridge study 100M people worldwide uses crypto-based assets

Recent statistics show a growing global crypto domination. Investigators at the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance recently revealed that around 100 million people worldwide are currently holding Bitcoin (BTC) and other blockchain-based currencies.

As of third quarter (Q3) of year 2020, there are up to 191 million accounts opened on different exchanges. These numbers does not include wallets. In 2018, the number if certified crypto users were around 35 million all around the globe.

Researchers report significant increases
This 189% increase in users can be explained by the overall increase in the number of accounts which are estimated of be increased by 37%, as well as the large share of accounts that are systematically linked to personal identity, allowing us to increase our average user numbers associated with accounts per service provider.

The Research Center’s approach incorporates public data and surveys, using a combination of verified user data and a standard allocation of verified accounts with IDs tested in the study.

Locations of consumers are also highlighted in this study. The crypto exchanges operating from North America and Europe report higher user activity, with a central company showing that 40% of total users are considered to be working. According to investigators, the figure was much lower for APAC and Latin American exchanges, reporting an average of 16% and 10% respectively.

In addition to the researchers’ claim that there are limitations on the method used in the study, they believe that published numbers provide a reliable estimated number of total holders of crypto assets worldwide.

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