The price of bitcoin looks like a fluctuating factor, but cryptocurrency is at an all-time high in the last two weeks, after hitting a high price of $ 6,000 and, of course, a high value of $6,000 and, yes, of $7,000.

Any movement under $6,700 will fail to break the $7,300- $7,400 market with immediate value and historical significance. According to a leading crypto analyst, if the price reaches a certain price level, fireworks – or faster, in other words – are likely to follow.

A trader with a maker called Cryptoidia, which has gained over 200,000 followers on Twitter, released the latest iteration of its series of research publications Letters from Dagobah on Saturday. In this case, market formation is slowing due to an increase in cleavage and head and shoulders – two styles according to the text description – bitcoin’s breakdown, $7,475 cases of bears being returned, “bears are out of their seats when bears are invited to buy bears.”

He explained that if Bitcoin could set a new high, it would show a negative representation of the value of the current consolidation, but a bullish momentum for the merger, which would be $8,000 and above. Importantly, the analysis acknowledged that if this decrease is possible, the 100 and 200 moving averages of $7,600 and $7,900 per day will have “advanced resistance”, respectively.

If bulls want to win, they have to do it quickly, because analysts have found that sales pressure is starting to increase. Evie Felman, a trader and analyst at the crypto-asset Fund, Black Tower, said Friday that there were two technical signs that bitcoin’s prices were in the right place to adjust:

Tom DeMark Sequential, a time-dependent candlestick to print “9” to mark the difference, prints candle “9” on a three-day chart. The last three days of 9 candles were discovered in mid-March and December 2019, but exceeded the $ 10,500 mark seen earlier this year.

Ethereum is currently failing to break the three-day moving average with a 200-day moving average.

In addition, while recent candles are not a “big deal,” DanAlt noted that “$ 10,000 is very close to how $ 10,000 plays out,” citing structural similarities between bitcoin price estimates at that time in February. Year and year.