Bitcoin and Ethereum focused trading platform launches retail investment product

With the cryptocurrency markets becoming more volatile, investors are aiming to reduce their risk exposure to the best-performing cryptocurrencies.

This year, the market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed $1 trillion. And, when the price of Bitcoin varies, so does the market capitalization, making it more vital to work with cryptocurrency professionals to manage portfolio decisions, particularly when it comes to investing in digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH).

Tantra Labs claims to give lower risk exposure to the top-performing cryptocurrencies with a 6% return by focusing on data-driven research and mathematical risk management utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Tantra Labs, a major automated market maker (AMM) liquidity provider, and proprietary trading desk have noticed a rise in demand for its product, which pays a 6% annual percentage yield (APY) on Bitcoin and Ethereum over a six-month period. With a portion of the portfolio committed to probabilistic (momentum and mean reversion) techniques, the business can take advantage of Bitcoin’s trends and generate significant risk-adjusted returns. They want to get the best results for their clientele by using these techniques.

Tantra, unlike its rivals, offers a flat 6% regardless of the amount of BTC or ETH deposited. Furthermore, there are no minimum or maximum investment amounts, and investors can deposit at any time using Tantra’s online app. Their online app also displays real-time information about investors’ deposits and earned interest.

Investors might notice greater payouts when their portfolios are allocated between probabilistic techniques and deterministic trading algorithms like Tantras. The experienced team delivers liquidity to the crypto markets using a number of patented algorithmic trading algorithms in order to generate a yield for their lenders in the asset they deposit.

Tantra Labs has opened up to all U.S. accredited investors as well as non-U.S. nationals or residents, with no minimum investment necessary, providing more investors the option to earn better interest on their Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin and Ethereum focused approach

The advancements in blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin have been a game-changer for sectors all over the world, with the majority of investors adding digital assets to their portfolios today. Tantra’s team believes in Bitcoin’s value proposition as the world’s main non-sovereign digital store of value in the long run. Bitcoin has a proven track record, security, immutability, and a censorship-resistant structure, all of which appeal to modern investors.

Tantra’s overarching aim as a company is to uncover chances for income and make those opportunities available to both novice and expert investors, which is why they’ve opted to promote Ethereum. This choice was made based on Ethereum’s history as the second most liquid cryptocurrency asset, the wide range of trading tools available to Tantra’s systems, and demonstrated demand for ETH as smart contract gas and collateral.

Narrative in numbers

The company’s long-term goal is to provide the highest attainable APY for BTC and ETH. Tantra has distributed over 150 BTC revenues too early investors and hundreds of lenders thus far. The team has grown to include quantitative researchers, engineers, data scientists, economists, and entrepreneurs with a strong foundational grasp of Bitcoin after operating for more than three years.

“To assist bring this goal into reality, we are one of the few desks in the world that denominate returns in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and we presently provide the highest APY on BTC and ETH,” the business writes.

The Tantra approach

Tantra Labs intends to use its research to help create “a more fair and financially secure future.”

“Although we are blockchain agnostic, we believe Bitcoin is the most feasible way of bringing positive change to our planet.”