Bitcoin Exceeded The Russian Ruble

After the crash of the Russian fiat currency bitcoin has overthrown the Russian ruble after geographical events. In the global financial system, Bitcoin is in the big leagues now, and geopolitical events are playing in it’s favor. The most important cryptocurrency in the market managed to position itself above the Russian Ruble in the global ranking of currencies with the largest capitalization, after a resounding crash of the Russian Ruble to lows not seen in the last 30 years, BTC is slowly climbing the financial ladder, With this surge, Bitcoin enters the top 15 most importance currencies is a country such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Sweden.

If Bitcoin is compared to the market capitalization of the world’s largest companies and commodities, the cryptocurrency has already surpassed the entire market capitalization of all the palladium in the world. It is the ninth most important asset, outshining Berkshire Hataway, Meta Visa, Mastercard, and Word’s biggest ETF: the SDPR S&P 500 FTB trust

Tela invested a large amount of money in BTC as a result it is slowly climbing the financial ladder.