BITCOIN price is low, ETH reached $3,050 and XRP still not crossed $0.80.

Bitcoin price is low and struggling to reach the USD 45,000 resistance. Ethereum reached near USD 3,050,and XRP is still not crossed USD 0.80. ATOM and ZEC are nearly 6%up.

Bitcoin price is seen in an upside break more than the USD 45,000 resistance. BTC spiked more than USD 45,200, but it faced sellers near USD 45,350 and in a day ,it goes 2% down. It is now (04:17 UTC) trading under USD 43,500.
Also, most of major altcoins are also struggling. ETH is struggling to get its value above USD 3,020 and got down by 4%. XRP failed to reach near USD 0.80. ADA traded below USD 0.95 and tested USD 0.92.

Bitcoin price
After it got more than USD 45,000, bitcoin price stood near USD 45,350. BTC failed to maintain its position above USD 45,000 and corrected lower. There was a move under the USD 44,200 and USD 44,000 levels. A support is around the USD 43,200 level. The next key support is near the USD 43,000 level, failing which the price may move down to USD 42,500.On the other side, the price is struggling near the USD 44,200 level. The problem is still near the USD 45,000 level, getting above which, the price will increase in a less time.

Ethereum price
Ethereum price attempted to get above USD 3,000, but got failed. ETH saw sellers near USD 3,040 and USD 3,050. It is now trading below USD 3,000 and trying to get up. The next key support is near the USD 2,850 level, below which the price might get down to USD 2,750.

Other altcoins market today
A few altcoins are up over 4%, including ATOM, FTM, ZEC, CRV, ANC, and ROSE. Out of these, ANC rallied 19% and traded more than the USD 4.5 level. At the same time, ATOM and ZEC jumped around 6%, hitting USD 33 and USD 126, respectively. ATOM is now also up 31% in 7 days, while ZEC extended its gains to 29%.

Overall, bitcoin price is still struggling to get above USD 45,000. If BTC fails to stay above USD 43,000, it could start a stronger downside correction in the upcoming time.