BITDENEX Referral Program is here

BITDENEX Referral Program.

BITDENEX is Netherland based cryptocurrency and trading platform. Here you can trade your cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Neo, Tron, and many more.

We all are familiar with the news around us that many financial and technological organisations around the world are affected at this time. But there are many digital assets based organisation that are enhancing their business. BITDENEX is also a platform where you can start with the trading of digital assets. BITDENEX also brings you its powerful Referral program. Below you can see how your earning will be calculated and how profit will be transferred.

Earnings Calculation

On every trade done by your referral, Bitdenex gives you 20% of their transaction fee directly into your wallet. 20% off fee on every trade for lifetime, that makes this referral program worth joining.

Earnings Withdrawal

The withdrawals to you wallet will be done in the first week of every month. Here is how the withdrawals will be done. Assume this to be the first week of April. In the first week all the orders that have been successfully filled by your referrals in the month of March will be taken into consideration. Then 20% fee of every order (referral order for the month of March) will be calculated and that amount will be directly transferred into your wallet. BTC profits will be sent to BTC wallet, LTC profits will be sent to LTC wallet and so on for every coin.

So, by SIGNING UP you can trade and earn your secondary income, and along with our referral program enjoy the 20% of transaction fee on every trade done by your friend who has joined with your referral link. BITDENEX wishes you a HAPPY TRADING !!