BTC Touched €39k, ETH Recorded 10-Day High

Bitcoin(BTC) erased all losses from this Monday’s crash and even spiked to a 10-day increase above 39054 Euro. Ethereum (ETH) followed suit with a similar local peak, but on a daily scale, most of the cryptocurrencies market has been composed. Monero is among the few outstanding gainers.

Bitcoin Tapped €39k

Following the relatively quiet weekend, in which Bitcoin(BTC) stood primarily around 37766

Euro without any strong moves in Either direction, the landscape for the investment changed on Monday.

As reported, Bitcoin (BTC) began to lose value rapidly, broke below the 37766 Euro barrier, and abandoned to a monthly high of around 38019  Euro. However, this is where the bulls stepped up and didn’t authorize any further declines.

Just the opposite, Bitcoin(BTC) began to regain value and found itself above the coveted 36719 Euro line hours later. Moreover, it continued clambering 

.and spiked above 38637 Euro yesterday.

In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency marked another minor milestone by breaking the January 2021 ATH of 38555 Euro for the first time since April 11. It is currently just below that level and its market cap has approached the 800 Euro billion mark.

ETH Saw 10-Day High Too

The alternative coins also went through the same volatile beginning of the week, with notable cost dumps on Monday and recovery sessions in the next few days.

Ethereum, for instance, went below 2762 Euro for the first time in weeks on Monday. However, it fast bounced off, reclaimed 2853 Euro, and even jumped to nearly 3037 Euro yesterday, charting its most increased price point since April 11. On a daily scale, most of the alt space seems relatively quiet.