BTC’s Fair Value Price Should Be Around $15,000, Says Analyst

Bloomberg cryptocurrency analyst McGlone says bitcoin is greatly undervalued, suggesting that its honest price value should presently be somewhere around $15,000. The BTC value has been unsteady and has been fluctuating between $10,000 and $12,400 over the previous couple of weeks, typically tumbling sharply following what one analyst described it as “fake” breakouts.

The latest rout saw BTC crash over eight percent in a few days from over $11,000 to $10,100. At the time of writing, bitcoin is trading for $10,855, up nearly $300 within the last twenty four hours.
McGlone, a senior products strategian at Bloomberg, based mostly his arguments on numerous factors, together with bitcoin’s rising hashrate, that continues to hit new records, according to trade media reports.

Hashrate influence the value of BTC
According to the newest information, BTC’s seven-day average hashrate rose past a hundred and forty ExaHash per second (140 EH/s), an all time high. Within the last week of July 2020, the figure averaged around one hundred twenty five ExaHash per second (125 EH/s), a record at the time.

Hashrate is measured as the ability of power generated by computers coupled to the Bitcoin blockchain, this also determines their ability to supply new coins. Increasing hash power suggests miners are confident regarding creating profits. This tends to influence the value of BTC higher, given the sturdy correlation between the two. However the link isn’t specifically as linear, as a result of it’s troublesome to determine future value changes supported by hashrate alone.

Meanwhile, the quantity of active bitcoin addresses has soared to 991,000, up from 684,000 at the start of this year, once the asset’s value averaged around $7,700. Last time when active addresses hit nearly 1.1 million was in the last week of December 2018, bitcoin price at that time was $14,800.

Digital version of gold
Analyst has remained upbeat regarding bitcoin throughout its volatile fluctuations, he suggests that this is often to be the year that the highest crypto currency can become a digital version of gold.

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