TRON (TRX) Soars 10%, BTC Still Stuck in the Same Range

Tron is the most notable winner among large-cap alternatives, posting a double-digit price gain. Bitcoin is near 37054 Euro

After another price drop to levels below €35133, Bitcoin went on the offensive and jumped to almost €37032. Most of the altcoin space is looking unusually quiet, with Tron among a few impressive gainers after a 10% price surge.

Bitcoin Eyes €37K

After last week’s failed adventure above €37982, in which BTC twice shot above that level but was violently rejected, the cryptocurrency has remained well below this coveted line.

Furthermore, the bears had almost complete control of the market and did not allow BTC to initiate a surge. Quite the opposite, they pushed the asset south and it fell below € 36082 on a few occasions.

The last came 24 hours ago when Bitcoin fell to an intraday low of €35608. However, BTC responded well to this price drop and started to appreciate in value fairly quickly.

In a matter of hours, it surged over €949and approached €37032. At the time of writing, it’s near that level, meaning its market cap has grown to €702 billion.



Goldman Sachs Offers Its First Bitcoin(BTC)-Backed Loan

Wall Street banking giant Goldman Sachs has announced its first-ever lending facility that has been backed by Bitcoin(BTC).

The move is a significant step for the asset bank as Wall Street continues to embrace digital investments. According to a spokesperson for the bank, the confirmed lending facility loaned cash collateralized by Bitcoin(BTC) held by the borrower.

Big Bank Warming To Crypto

The move is another sign that major banks are embracing cryptocurrencies and expanding their services to clients investing in digital assets. Goldman already has a crypto assets team and traded its first over-the-counter (OTC) Bitcoin options in March, becoming the first major U.S. bank to do so, the report added. Earlier this month, Goldman announced that it plans to add Ethereum OTC options to this offering. Analysts at the bank have called Ethereum’s upcoming “combination” and proof-of-stake upgrade optimistic for demand for the asset.

Goldman Sachs Foray Into Crypto

The Wall Street giant was far from optimistic about the cryptocurrency industry until a year ago. He went from a digital investment trading platform to stopping them years later and attacking BTC in the meantime. In a specific case from May 2020, the bank said Bitcoin is not an asset class. A few months later, however, Goldman began to change its tune, hiring a crypto research team, issuing multiple bullish reports, forecasting a $100,000 price  for BTC,  participating in

funding rounds, and, perhaps most notably, showcasing a Bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin (BTC) Eyes € 37K, BAYC’s ApeCoin Soars 8% to New ATH

ApeCoin continues to roll on with another notable daily gain and a fresh all-time high above €19.

After charting a new six-week low beneath €36097, Bitcoin (BTC) reacted well and added almost €1899 in 24 hours. A few altcoins have also regained some ground following the latest correction, and ApeCoin stands out once more. BAYC’s native asset marked a new all-time high above €19.

Bitcoin Eyes €37K

The past several days were quite volatile for the primary crypto. It all started on April 25 when it found itself trading at just over € 36097, but the bulls stepped up and moved it north.

As a result, Bitcoin (BTC) skyrocketed by almost  € 2849 in hours, reclaimed € 37997, and even came close to € 38947. As the bulls were preparing for another run-up, the landscape changed.

Instead of heading further north, Bitcoin(BTC) started to lose value somewhat rapidly and lost all of its recent improvements.  Furthermore, this time, it fell below  € 36097 for the first time since mid-March.

After marking this multi-week low, Bitcoin (BTC) bounced off and jumped above €37047. As of now, it sits close even to  €37997  but has not questioned that level yet.

ApeCoin Sees New ATH

The altcoins went through a similar rollercoaster in the past few days, but most are slightly in the green today.

Ethereum(ETH), for instance, experienced a drop from € 2944 to  € 2659 in a matter of days. As of now, the second-largest cryptocurrency trades above € 2754 after a minor daily gain.

European Cryptocurrencies Users Prefer Decentralized Services, Bank of Spain Says

A recent analysis by the Central Bank of Spain shows that DEXs and unbacked crypto are very popular in the European cryptocurrencies scene.

The report explains that Europeans prefer decentralized services and unsecured crypto assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). In addition, the Central Bank of Spain noted that the volume of cryptocurrency transactions in the European region has been growing rapidly in recent years, reaching almost 79 million euros, surpassing that of the United States.

Unbacked Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Services Are Hot Among Europeans

According to the report, Europeans have a more hobby in the usage of unbacked 

cryptocurrencies, with transactions in BTC and ETH accounting for about 60% of all transactions made over the past year. Backed cryptocurrencies accounted for 25%, with a basic Interest in altcoins aside from ETH accomplishing approximately 15%.

On the other hand, the ECB reported that 64% of Spaniards prefer to utilize decentralized services (which do not require an intermediary) to carry out their transactions. In comparison, in the rest of Europe, the average use of these services is 53%.

Which Are The Most Crypto-friendly Countries in Europe?

According to the report, France ranks first in Europe in terms of transaction volume, followed by Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain in second, third, and fourth place. These results are to be expected. Another report from online investment news and education platform Invezz, France is the “best nation for Bitcoin(BTC) trading.”

Additionally, re-elected French President  Emmanuel Macron is one of the few Probitcoin Presidents in Europe. During an interview for a local media outlet,

talked about creating a European metaverse where cryptocurrencies would be regulated without affecting or slowing down their development.

Bitcoin up, Dogecoin biggest gainer

Bitcoin’s price is currently 37837.92 Euro, with a dominance of 41.35 percent. This was a 0.12 percent gain over the day

Most cryptocurrencies traded in the green early on April 26 as the global crypto market cap rose 3.12 percent over the last day to €17, trillion. The total crypto market volume over the last 24 hours advanced 41.63 percent to € 91, billion.

The total volume in Defi stood at €10, billion 11.06 percent of the total crypto market 24-hour volume. The volume of all stable coins hovered around € 76, billion, which is 83.60 percent of the total crypto market’s 24-hour volume.

Bitcoin’s price stood at 37847.54 Euro, with a dominance of 41.35 percent. This was a 0.12 percent increase over the last day, as per data.

In international news, the Bank of Canada Chief has said that the Canadian dollar will remain at the center of the country’s financial system, Reuters reported. This was in response to questions about a Conservative leadership candidate’s pledge to make the country the Blockchain capital of the world.


The altcoins suffered just as badly as BTC yesterday, but the landscape today is predominantly more bullish.

Ethereum found itself trading at €2 Billion, after several days of consecutive price dumps. Now, though, a 7% increase has pushed the second-largest cryptocurrency to just above € 2808.45.

Dogecoin is the best performer here, with a massive 33% surge. This came amid the confirmation that Elon Musk had indeed purchased Twitter, and given his favorable approach towards the first-ever meme coin, the price surge is not that big of a surprise.

Overall, the crypto market cap is up by over € 87 billion in a day and sits close to €17 trillion.

Crypto Markets Lost €74B as Bitcoin Dumped to 40-Day Lows

The cryptocurrencies market cap has slumped below 16, trillion as Bitcoin(BTC), and almost all altcoins registered new price drops.

After failing to reclaim 35733.09 Euro, Bitcoin(BTC) took another hit and dumped once more to its most down price point in over a month. The alternative coins are also in bad condition, with Ethereum(ETH) sliding to 2618.15 Euro, Solana breaking below 93.04 Euro, and many other examples.

Bitcoin Dumps to 35K

It’s secure to say that the past several days didn’t go all that well for the primary cryptocurrency. It all started on April 21 when the asset tried its hand at taking down €40008 but failed in its tracks.

The subsequent rejection, propelled by the bears, pushed it south hard, and Bitcoin (BTC) found itself dipping to 35733 Euro hours later. However, that was not all as the adverse price growth continued.

As informed over the weekend, Bitcoin(BTC) slipped below 35733 Euro for the second time in a week. It tried to retrieve above that level but was rejected once more.


The Altcoins went through a similar modification late last week before calming during the weekend. Today, though, the condition is quite dire, with red dominating almost all charts.

Ethereum(ETH) lost the coveted 2791 Euro line several days ago and has been unable to reclaim it ever since. A 5% decrease on a daily scale has pushed the largest altcoin to around 2605 Euro as of now.

Will Bitcoin community switch to POS instead of it’s current POW mechanism?

Previously unseen records detailing the EU’s conversations around banning Bitcoin(BTC) have come to light following a freedom of details request.

European Union (EU) officials were concerned about banning Bitcoin trading during a debate on a suggestion to ban Proof of Work mining according to records obtained through a freedom of information request. 

According to a report, published by German digital culture organization Netzpolitik, officials from the EU went as far as proposing that an all-out ban on trading Bitcoin should be enforced in order to restrain its overall energy consumption.

The most worrying statements from the cryptocurrencies community’s perspective came from a record that documented the minutes from an EU meeting with Sweden’s financial manager and an environmental protection agency in which officials advised that regulators pressure the Bitcoin (BTC)community to switch to a Proof of Stake (PoS) instrument, instead of its current energy-intensive Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism.

This report comes as Bitcoin’s energy use continues to draw attention from environmental associations and regulators. Bitcoin mining currently uses around 139 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity annually, the entire United Kingdom consumed only an estimated 265 TWh in 2021. In late March, Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen teamed up with Greenpeace to pressure Bitcoin to switch its consensus mechanism to PoS, much like Ethereum intends to do later this year. The EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee recently voted against legislation calling for a ban on proof-of-work mining. However, these documents offer a unique insight into the efforts some EU officials are willing to make to crack down on mining-related energy use.

BTC Touched €39k, ETH Recorded 10-Day High

Bitcoin(BTC) erased all losses from this Monday’s crash and even spiked to a 10-day increase above 39054 Euro. Ethereum (ETH) followed suit with a similar local peak, but on a daily scale, most of the cryptocurrencies market has been composed. Monero is among the few outstanding gainers.

Bitcoin Tapped €39k

Following the relatively quiet weekend, in which Bitcoin(BTC) stood primarily around 37766

Euro without any strong moves in Either direction, the landscape for the investment changed on Monday.

As reported, Bitcoin (BTC) began to lose value rapidly, broke below the 37766 Euro barrier, and abandoned to a monthly high of around 38019  Euro. However, this is where the bulls stepped up and didn’t authorize any further declines.

Just the opposite, Bitcoin(BTC) began to regain value and found itself above the coveted 36719 Euro line hours later. Moreover, it continued clambering 

.and spiked above 38637 Euro yesterday.

In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency marked another minor milestone by breaking the January 2021 ATH of 38555 Euro for the first time since April 11. It is currently just below that level and its market cap has approached the 800 Euro billion mark.

ETH Saw 10-Day High Too

The alternative coins also went through the same volatile beginning of the week, with notable cost dumps on Monday and recovery sessions in the next few days.

Ethereum, for instance, went below 2762 Euro for the first time in weeks on Monday. However, it fast bounced off, reclaimed 2853 Euro, and even jumped to nearly 3037 Euro yesterday, charting its most increased price point since April 11. On a daily scale, most of the alt space seems relatively quiet. 

Whales Bought the Dip as Bitcoin (BTC) Reclaims 37.06 Euro: Analyst

As Bitcoin(BTC) slipped to a monthly low at 36129.60 Euro after a few days of consolidating above the 37056.00 Euro mark, there was a growing bearish sentiment about its quick price action. When the bears came out to push Bitcoin(BTC) south, dipping into the 37K – 40K area, some believed it an excellent chance to accumulate.

High Volume of BTC Spot Exchange Outflow

An analyst claim that as the Bitcoin(BTC) sell-off moved on, noticeable importance was seen out of spot exchanges recently. Whales may have purchased out a large sum of Bitcoin, He implied, because this size of outflow can only be created possible via “checking Top 10 Bitcoin(BTC) outflow for spot exchanges.

He saw the cost range of Bitcoin(BTC) between 37K ~ 40K as a critical accumulation phase that has been ongoing since Mar 2022 and urged investors to hold or purchase the dips if they could. Previously, in the wake of scenarios where the outflow volume spiked, as a considerable quantity of Bitcoin(BTC) was being dismissed from exchanges, upward cost action shortly reversed the market’s short-term bearish sentiment.

Something similar happened now as  Bitcoin(BTC) recouped all losses and even challenged 37982.40 Euro.

Additionally, He stated that as long as Bitcoin trades below the 200MA support line since Q4  2020, a sufficient amount of “smart money” would accumulate in the largest cryptocurrency by market cap. As The chart shows, BTC has dipped into the “low zone” and buying interest has also increased accordingly.

Uncertainties Ahead of BTC

Bitcoin’s bearish sentiment was reflected in the broader crypto market, with Ethereum also falling below  2779.20 Euro and major altcoins entering the Red Sea. 

Bitcoin(BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Inch Higher, LUNA and AVAX Outperform

  • Bitcoin price started a fresh recovery above Euro 37,562.15.
  • Ethereum climbed above Euro 2840.06, and XRP surpassed the Euro 0.67 resistance.
  • LUNA and AVAX are up around 4%


Bitcoin price formed a base above the Euro 36187.92 zones. As a result, BTC started a steady bullish move above the Euro 37104.07 resistance. Currently (03:39 UTC) it is showing positive signs above Euro 37836.99 and it might see a move above the Euro 38478.30 resistance zone. BTC surged 3% in one day, cutting its weekly losses to 4%. Similarly, most major altcoins are trying to rally as well. ETH traded above the Euro 2840.06 resistance level, and XRP managed to break the Euro 0.67 resistance level. ADA could gain momentum if it breaks above Euro 1.

Bitcoin price

After another test of the Euro 35958.89, the Bitcoin price set a base for a stronger increase. BTC started an upward movement, broke the Euro 37104.07 resistance, and even broke the Euro 37562.15 level. Immediate resistance on the upside is near Euro 38340.88. The next key resistance is forming near Euro 38936.37, above which there are chances for a trend reversal.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price also followed a positive path. It managed to surpass the Euro 2821.74 resistance zone and is now testing the Euro 2858.39 level. The next key resistance might be near the Euro 2913.36 level, above which the price might even break above Euro 2931.68 and faces the main hurdle at Euro 2977.49. ETH is up 2% in a day and down almost 2% in a week.

ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP price

Cardano (ADA) started a surge above the Euro 0.87 resistance zone. It even tested the Euro 0.90 level. The bulls are attempting a decent move above Euro 0.92. If they are successful, the price could move into a positive zone. 

BNB found support near Euro 377.45 and started afresh rise. It broke the Euro 384.78 resistance. If there are more upward moves, the price might surge towards the Euro 395.78 resistance level. 

Solana (SOL) managed to stay above the Euro 91.61 level. Immediate resistance is near Euro100.78, but the key breakout zone is near Euro 102.61. 

DOGE found offers near the Euro 123.68 level and corrected higher. It tested the Euro 0.13 level and it might attempt a break above Euro 0.13. The next major resistance is near the Euro 0.14 level. 

XRP price remained well above the Euro 0.64 level. It gained pace and broke the Euro 0.67 level. Immediate resistance is near the Euro 0.69 level. A close above Euro 0.69 You could press the price at the level of 0.73 Euro.

Bitcoin drops below $43,000

The largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, Bitcoin, dropped by 0.64 percent to $ 42,32.66.

Bitcoin price was drifting below the $42,500 mark as the overall global cryptocurrency market volume was down.
Other cryptocurrencies dropped too.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin, fell by 0.64% to 42,322.66.

The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, was down by1.70% to $3,185.66.

Other cryptocurrencies like XRP fell 2.52 percent, Terra fell 6.06 percent, Solana fell 0.88 percent, Cardano fell 1.78 percent, Avalanche fell 4.14 percent and Polkadot dropped by 4 percent.

Other popular altcoins like Dogecoin fell 1.51 percent and Shiba Inu dropped by 1.20 percent.

“Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other major cryptic currencies continued to drop over the weekend. The situation could be due to the economic crisis resulting from the invasion of Ukraine from Russia and increases in the interest rates of the US Central Bank. Given that BTC is close to its support level between $40,000 and $43,000, this could lead to a brief pullback,” said Edul Patel, CEO, and co-founder of Mudrex.

“Based on market cap, ApeCoin is up almost 5 percent, STEPN is up 3 percent and Kyber Network Crystal v2 is up 17 percent over the past day. With April and June considered strong seasonal periods for cryptos and stocks, this may drive short-term buyers in the coming days,” Patel said.

Bitcoin mining will save the world: Kevin O’Leary

The renowned crypto bull viewed the regulations as the main catalyst for wider cryptocurrency adoption.

Speaking at the 2022 Bitcoin Conference, Kevin O’Leary expressed his support for Bitcoin and renewable proof-of-work mining. He believed regulations introduced by bipartisan lawmakers could remove investor uncertainty about the sector.

Cryptocurrency regulations encourage capital inflows
Kevin O’Leary, the well-known investor and media personality nicknamed “Mr.Wonderful,” touted his support for renewable crypto mining, as well as proactive regulatory actions likely to be introduced by the US government in the near future.

Mr. Wonderful is an open crypto bull who previously disclose that cryptos, along with tokens and blockchain companies, accounted for 20% of his funding portfolios.

O’Leary told the conference that the US Congress is working on regulations targeting the crypto industry, which he took as a positive sign as capital will soon flow aggressively into the crypto industry sector once regulatory concerns are addressed.

I have spent a lot of time in Washington over the last three months. The good news is that there are many senators and representatives proactively considering this on a bipartisan basis.

He boldly claimed that the cryptocurrency will become the 12th sector of the S&P 500, the predominant index that includes the “500 strongest companies listed on the US stock market for the industry.

Stablecoins as the Reserve Currency
When it got here to stablecoins, O’Leary took into consideration the asset as “one of the fastest-developing asset classes outside of Bitcoin.” If issued stablecoins are fully supported by the United States dollar, he believed stablecoins may be uplifted as the brand new reserve currency
He warned that turning a blind eye to this new innovation would be a big mistake because stablecoins with immense power could be used and adopted very fast by other countries.