CEO John Robertson of Solana-based DEX Soldex AI explains the impact

Decentralized exchanges, which have taken the globe by storm in recent years, are one of the backbones of the crypto market in today’s world. And, given how quickly the crypto exchange industry is evolving, it’s no wonder that the exchanges will have to innovate as well.

As a result, today, John Robertson, the CEO of, will provide you with the next stage in crypto exchanges, which is AI-powered trading, which may be the future of token trading.

The significance of and what distinguishes it from other initiatives

Solana is one of the most well-known blockchains in recent years. It has taken the globe by storm while providing several benefits, which is why it was picked for the was designed to address some of the difficulties that have arisen as a result of order-matching centralized exchanges and the lack of confidence in today’s exchanges. The new avalanche of flexible financial markets will be powered by The protocols will act as the foundation for things like liquidity, custody, market creation, and settlement. As previously stated, Solana offers several advantages over other DEXs like as Ethereum.

These would have incredibly high transaction speeds of up to 50,000 transactions per second, with gas prices of only $0.00025 per transaction. Ethereum, on the other hand, can only process 30 transactions per second and has $12 transaction fees.


It’s no surprise that, as artificial intelligence (AI) takes over more and more sectors throughout the world, Crypto Exchanges will not be left behind. The deployment of AI trading bots, who will design trading strategies and labor tirelessly 24/7, will be the first driving force behind the Solana DEX. Traders will later be able to design their own bot trading methods and rent them to others for a charge. As a result, through voting rights, the community will be encouraged to contribute to the further growth of

One of the primary reasons for the need for automated trading is that 80% of traders lose money as a result of their mistakes. As a result, Soldex believes that the DEX will let consumers pick the trading strategy that best suits them. Different bots are being created based on parameters including margins, trading risks, 90-day success record, and trading pairings. In the future, it will also cover the various criteria.

The exchange is being established on Solana, as previously stated. The team is hopeful that the rapidity of the transactions and the technological possibilities in the future will attract more users. Another thing that novice traders typically find irritating is the full ordeal that they must go through when creating new accounts. Soldex has fully understood this and has managed to make totally permission-less, i.e. no KYC or ID checks, so you can start trading, providing liquidity, and staking in seconds.

Join our exchange to benefit Low Trading Fees

SOLX, Solana’s own toke, will be released. Soldex is expecting that the token would aid in the achievement of the company’s objective, which is to create a transparent, fair, and lucrative revenue structure.

The private sale will account for 30% of the tokens, which is the majority. Around 5% of the total will be available for purchase by the general public. The remaining 14 percent will be given to the developers, advisers, and other stakeholders.

Protocol governance, transaction fees, and profit staking will all be done with the token. However, the team intends to implement a number of enhancements in the long run, since the Solana blockchain provides a huge possibility for future technical development.

People will have access to the Soldex AI Academy in addition to the chance to earn on The team hopes that it will aid in the development of a strong community and increase user awareness of Solana and DeFi. Other goals include assisting new developers in getting started, exposing people to Solana’s technology, and uniting the community as a whole.

Soldex has experienced a lot of interest in the SOLX token as of today. Because the first round of sales was oversubscribed, they are now in the second phase. The present price of the token is $0.06, however it will be $0.1 upon the debut on December 10. “We are pleased to see a strong level of engagement from individual investors, funds, and others,” says CEO John Robertson.