Crypto Markets Lost €74B as Bitcoin Dumped to 40-Day Lows

The cryptocurrencies market cap has slumped below 16, trillion as Bitcoin(BTC), and almost all altcoins registered new price drops.

After failing to reclaim 35733.09 Euro, Bitcoin(BTC) took another hit and dumped once more to its most down price point in over a month. The alternative coins are also in bad condition, with Ethereum(ETH) sliding to 2618.15 Euro, Solana breaking below 93.04 Euro, and many other examples.

Bitcoin Dumps to 35K

It’s secure to say that the past several days didn’t go all that well for the primary cryptocurrency. It all started on April 21 when the asset tried its hand at taking down €40008 but failed in its tracks.

The subsequent rejection, propelled by the bears, pushed it south hard, and Bitcoin (BTC) found itself dipping to 35733 Euro hours later. However, that was not all as the adverse price growth continued.

As informed over the weekend, Bitcoin(BTC) slipped below 35733 Euro for the second time in a week. It tried to retrieve above that level but was rejected once more.


The Altcoins went through a similar modification late last week before calming during the weekend. Today, though, the condition is quite dire, with red dominating almost all charts.

Ethereum(ETH) lost the coveted 2791 Euro line several days ago and has been unable to reclaim it ever since. A 5% decrease on a daily scale has pushed the largest altcoin to around 2605 Euro as of now.