Crypto Projects that are Based on Ethereum

Ethereum dapps are exceptional from normal apps due to the fact they goal at hand customers’ extra management over their online lives.

According to the crypto app tracker, State of the Dapps, there are over 3,000 decentralized apps (additionally acknowledged as “dapps”) presently walking at the Ethereum blockchain.

These apps vary from ordinary cell and web-primarily based totally apps due to the fact they intention handy customers extra management over the information the apps manage. Traditional apps, including Robinhood or Twitter, are controlled with the aid of using a significant authority, which in the long-run has the remaining phrase on how their customers’ information is secured and used – for higher or worse.

Dapps take a decentralized technique to information management, theoretically setting management again withinside the fingers of the person with the assistance of blockchain technology – the idea of the Ethereum network. Ethereum is the call of each the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency with the aid of using marketplace capitalization (after Bitcoin(BTC)) and the primary platform to facilitate the introduction of dapps.

Top Ethereum projects

Right now, among the pinnacle, Ethereum initiatives are centered on decentralized finance or Defi. Defi’s goals are to enlarge the application of cryptocurrencies from daily transactions to extra complicated monetary use cases, inclusive of loans and derivatives.

The Defi area received enormous traction in 2020, with the full price of crypto belongings locked in its protocols growing over 2,000% from $650 million at the beginning of the yr to $16.05 billion on the close.


Stablecoins are struggling to improve upon one of the pain points of cryptocurrencies. Crypto prices fluctuate unpredictably, making them unsuitable as a means of payment and as a dependable store of wealth. While most stablecoins are centralized, MakerDAO is different in that it has put forth an explained plan for how to finally decentralize the authority of its stablecoin, dai.


Chainlink is an oracle platform, which means it links smart contracts with real-time data from the external world such as weather information or stock prices. A smart agreement utilizes that data to execute pre-defined instructions. For example, payout an insurance claim in the event of a storm.

Other Ethereum dapps

  • Compound: A decentralized lending platform, Compound is credited with developing liquidity mining, where the company releases a unique coin that only those providing liquidity to the platform can obtain.
  • WBTC: Wrapped Bitcoin(BTC) is a token on Ethereum that is backed 1:1 by Bitcoin. The goal is to fetch Bitcoin’s liquidity to Ethereum. It has grown in popularity partly because investors can earn interest on the Bitcoin they lock up on Ethereum.
  • SushiSwap: This decentralized exchange (DEX) is a fork of the famous decentralized Uniswap exchange that rewards liquidity providers with its own native SUSHI token.       

Additional types of Ethereum blockchain dapps

There are dozens of other crypto dapps with shorter user bases than the above services. Some were more famous prior to the Defi boom and have historical importance.

Decentralized Exchanges 

  • 0x
  • LocalEthereum

Lending Platforms

  • Curve Finance
  • dYdX


  • Tether
  • USDC
  • Pax