DAO provides a portal gateway into the metaverse

As news of the metaverse spread, many people began to question not just what these digital worlds are, but also how they may acquire access to them. New worlds are being formed when Web 3.0 and decentralized technology collide, worlds in which people have the capacity to change the reality they want, regardless of where they reside or the resources they have at their disposal. However, the possibility for people to express themselves in a better version of the actual world may be what makes this experience genuinely unique. The term “Metaverse” was invented by prominent American writer Neal Stephenson in recognition of this possibility.

However, most individuals are unfamiliar with the notion, making it impossible for those without prior expertise to participate. Part of the difficulty originates from the overwhelming number of projects available to users, some of which feature intricate systems, technology, and gameplay, much of which is difficult for the typical user to comprehend. MetaBrands was born out of this necessity, with the goal of providing a secure means of passage into the metaverse for those eager to explore it.

Their team put it this way:

“[MetaBrands] is giving top-performing NFTs, play-to-earn models, and player-owned economies quick exposure and a single point of access.” MetaBrands began as a collective (DAO) with 12 advisers from various initiatives, ecosystems, and nations throughout the world. [Our] goal is to bring everyone’s efforts together and create a pool of shared ability, talent, and knowledge that can be leveraged to help great initiatives and companies succeed. “A rising tide floats all ships,” the philosophy goes.


The team, which promotes freedom via blockchain and decentralized technology, has made it their mission to create an easy method for individuals of all backgrounds to engage and profit from the world’s opportunities.

A community that gives back

MetaBrands, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), is attempting to define this future by creating a symbiotic model that includes a metaverse asset portfolio and NFTs, which will serve as the foundation for their own play-to-earn ecosystem. Players that commit their time, passion, and ability in games that have the potential to help pay bills, feed families, and transform lives are rewarded with P2E. Unlike current gaming models, gamers that contribute to the game’s advancement will be adequately compensated.

According to the team, this will assist employ local communities by giving above-wage income, as well as guaranteeing that MetaBrands generates a consistent monthly yield that is returned to the community. While the product will be dispersed in a variety of ways, it is expected that the majority of it will be airdropped to MAGE Relic NFT owners.

The MAGE utility token is the first of MetaBrands’ two major offerings (ERC20). MAGE is a governance token that allows its holders to vote and participate in a variety of proposals. The MAGE Relic NFTs (ERC721), which are multi-passes to the metaverse, are used in conjunction with MAGE. Users can engage in the DAO and other connected ecosystems, like as games, projects, and other apps, by possessing MAGE Relic NFTs.

Developing become a formidable ally

All of MetaBrand’s projects are connected in such a way that they will help them establish themselves as a formidable ally in the realm of metaverse-based ecosystems, play-to-earn models, and the whole blockchain world. The team continues to expand the usability and interoperability of its NFTs, as well as forge new strategic collaborations with today’s most popular games and projects.