DRepublic Launches Combinable NFT Platform, ‘MetaCore’ Using EIP-3664

DRepublic, a blockchain business, has announced the debut of MetaCore, a revolutionary combinable NFT platform, and Legoot, an NFT product, both of which use the new EIP-3664 Modularity.

The designers of the blockchain MMORPG game “Cradles: Origin Of Species,” DRepublic, have created MetaCore, the first-ever combinable NFT platform, based on the new EIP-3664 Modularity. DRepublic has created the first combinable NFT product, Legoot, with this ground-breaking new technology, and has simultaneously opened up a whole new world of possibilities in both the NFT area and the broader blockchain business.


EIP-3664 is the next infrastructure layer for NFTs and on-chain development, and it improves on the preceding 1155 (multi-token) and 721 (non-fungible token) standards in terms of functionality. The most important feature of EIP-3664 is its disaggregation and assembly capabilities, which allow any NFT to be combined in any way. The most essential characteristics of EIP-3664 are its combinable, separable, and customizable properties, which can be used to perform any type of NFT transaction on the blockchain.

EIP-3664 now allows users to develop an infinite number of different goods without having to repeat labor. For the first time ever, this level of flexibility allows metaverse ecosystems and NFT assets to be extended.

MetaCore: NFT Identity System

The MetaCore platform is a Layer-2 ecosystem and identity system that allows all citizens of the metaverse to join alternate metaverses by using a unique MetaCore Identity. With citizens’ ability to link to numerous metaverses, the opportunity for creatives to participate in cross-chain/open-source community collaboration has never been greater.

Imagine a new breed of multi-element NFTs that aren’t constrained by single static-image components and can be customized and disaggregated practically infinitely. This gateway is the MetaCore Identity attribute, which is the next step in the evolution of combinable modular NFTs, allowing for the insertion and removal of any attributes while freely combining and dividing each component.

MetaCore makes use of blockchain smart contracts, which allow users to enter into contracts with others and create their own terms and conditions, all of which are traceable on the blockchain. Cradles: Origin Of Species and Legoot have already supported the MataCore login ID, which replaces the obsolete password login standard.

Legoot: The Real LEGO Loot

NFT loot boxes are popular right now, although they only contain NFT goodies with limited utility. MetaCore has already been integrated into a number of metaverse blockchain games, including Legoot, a loot-like project that aims to take advantage of EIP-3664’s full potential by allowing for variable loot props.

Until now, NFT goods had a single-use and value, but the Legoot NFT assembly toy allows for free construction and disassembly of its own parts, which may then be sold separately.

Cradles: Origin Of Species

Cradles: Origin Of Species is a prehistoric blockchain MMORPG game that, because to the power and unique functionality of EIP-3664, has the ability to alter the whole blockchain gaming market. There are four categories to this new game NFT qualities.

NFT attack power and life value, both of which can be decreased or increased, are two qualities that can be changed.

Transferable attributes: In the event of destruction or other situations, NFT attributes can be transferred to other NFTs.

Players can pay a price to upgrade/raise their NFT level, which will result in an increase in other attribute values.

Evolvable attributes: NFTs that evolve dynamically over time and imitate temporal attributes in the real world, giving them time-varying properties.


These new properties are merely a taste of what EIP-3664 and MetaCore can do in an NFT setting. The adaptability of this flexible architecture opens up a world of options for extending NFT capabilities. Users could previously purchase one NBA player card, but now they can purchase a full team NFT with many individual players, all of which may be dismantled for separate sales and have different purposes and stats.

EIP-3664 smart contracts can be utilized as building blocks to generate an endless number of new blockchain use cases that aren’t just theoretical. As its foray into the Metaverse begins, MetaCore is focusing on NFT gaming collaborations. On Legoot, all features are now available for users to create their first combinable NFT.