ECB Appoints Advisory Group for Digital Euro Project

The European Central Bank ECB has formed a digital euro project advisory committee. It was created with 30 members from various corporate backgrounds and is known as the Digital Euro Market Advisory Group. The council will have a role in how this new digital money is designed, distributed, and valued in the payments ecosystem. In two years, the currency might begin its development phase.

ECB Integrates Digital Euro Advisory Group

The European Central Bank has announced the formation of the Digital Euro Market Advisory Group, an entity that will advise the bank on ways to improve the central bank’s proposed digital currency. In June, the ECB invited parties to show interest in joining the group, and the bank vetted and chose the most experienced candidates. The ECB chose 30 senior business executives from among the applicants.

Members of well-known European financial and economic organisations such as Société Générale, Nordea, Intesa Sanpaolo, Swedbank, La Banque Postale, and Deutsche Bank are among the chosen. The council also includes Roberto Catanzaro of the Nexi Group, a business that started it was involved in the design phases of the digital euro. Starting next month, the organization will hold meetings at least once a quarter.


Fabio Panetta, a member of the ECB’s board of directors, stated:

I am glad that a large number of high-quality private-sector professionals are eager to participate to the digital euro initiative. During the inquiry phase, their experience will aid the integration of prospective users’ and distributors’ perspectives on a digital euro.

Roles and Possible Effect

The advisory group’s 30 members will be tasked with advising the ECB on the plan and how it may be improved to better meet the demands of the Eurozone’s various sectors. The payments sector will be given specific attention, with concerns discovered as a consequence of these working groups being forwarded to the Euro Retail Payments Board, an institutional body dedicated to retail payments.

According to Christine Lagarde, the institution’s president, the Digital Euro is now in the investigating phase. This phase will begin later this month and will last two years. The project will begin its development phases when this phase is completed and there is a definite need for a digital currency, with intentions to release a test trial throughout Europe.