Enjinstarter Announces Successful Completion of Fundraising and Pipeline of Projects for November

Enjinstarter (EJS) has completed its Token Generation Exercise (TGE), raising $500,000 through a joint fundraising effort spanning four launchpads: Genesis Shards, Chainboost, Starter.XYZ, and Enjinstarter’s own launchpad.

This came after an extremely successful, oversubscribed private sale in which famous Crypto VCs and highly important angel investors from the Blockchain and Digital Assets industry contributed $5 million.

“Enjinstarter’s native token (EJS) gives an exciting opportunity for token holders who wish to ride the big trend of Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses,” says Enjinstarter CEO Prakash Somosundram.

We are particularly grateful for our investors’ tremendous support, which included not only financial contributions but also introductions to important opinion leaders and excellent projects to showcase on our launchpad.”

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“The X21 Digital team recognizes the long-term sustainability of Enjinstarter in pioneering the growth and development of gaming firms in the Enjin ecosystem, with an exceptional track record of investing in the crypto gaming sector.” We’re happy with their work thus far and forward to see what the next generation of blockchain games has in store.” X21 Digital cofounder Lester Lim reacted.

A Strong List of IDOs in the Pipeline

Enjinstarter conducted the public sale of Defina (FINA) on October 11th, 2021, immediately following its TGE. Defina is decentralized finance (Defi) and network finance (NFT) online blockchain game that allows players to control their gaming assets and monetize them through Play to Earn. Defina has been a huge success, with a return on investment on its IDO price of more than 14 times in less than a month.

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Gaia Everworld’s public auction is presently being launched on Enjinstarter and will begin on October 31st, 2021. Gaia Everworld is a multi-region fantasy world where players may establish kingdoms, explore the territories, and acquire, breed, and combat Gaia Legionnaires.

Gaia Everworld is part of a new kind of blockchain-based gaming that allows players complete control over their characters and compensates them for participating in a “play to earn” paradigm that has swept the crypto industry in 2021.

The Next Stage of Development

Enjinstarter has been trading on Uniswap since October 2nd, 2021, and is presently trading at close to 16X ROI on the Public Price, down from an all-time high of 31X ROI earlier this month. To encourage long-term investors to stake their tokens, Enjinstarter will soon include native staking on its platform.