Ethereum has enjoyed the release of high quality content, but for how long?

After a horrible Bad Thursday, Ethereum is finally enjoying a period of continuous activity on cryptocurrency charts. Last week, Ethereum’s valuation improved significantly as the Big 2 stock continued its path to recovery.

In the chart above, it can be seen that the current price of Etherum stands at a seven-day best of 12.32 percent but on April 18, Ethereum hit the top of $ 189 on the charts with a positive move of 22.23 percent.

The above index is directly reflected by Bletchley’s various asset indexes. According to a recent report by Coinmetrics, the CMBI Ethereum Index was the strongest artist for the second consecutive week.

The weekly return achieved by the CMBI ETH index was 10.4 percent. By comparison, CMBI index of Bitcoin ended the week without any improvement or decrease, a 0% percentage in return.

As previously reported, Ethereum’s recent restructuring is based on a better supply of sustainable assets. Stable money transfer in the Ethereum network has continued to increase but this development is likely to have consequences.

The report acknowledged that growth in the stability of the stability will significantly increase the demand for ETH because stable single-currency transactions require ETH of the purchase price.

However, thanks to an increase in fixed-income expenditure such as USDT, Ethereum’s financial account may have taken a significant toll on the stability of currency stability in its network. Earlier, it was reported that as a result of a stable cash flow ‘rise in Ethereum, the largest altcoin had reached equilibrium with Bitcoin with the total daily exchange rate. However, Kraken’s Dan Held indicated that the information was far from accurate.