Expected Trend Reversal Predicted After Bitcoin Address Activity Analysis

Bitcoin’s core strength, which has been growing in recent weeks, is beginning to show in the price action. After an extended problem of technological weakness as BTC trades within the region of $ 10,000, buyers of digital assets eventually rose. They strengthened a sharp upward movement, which in turn allowed its price to rise to $ 11,000.

Yesterday’s strong rise has strengthened its technical outlook and led analysts to put their views on an organization looking at $ 11,000 in the near future. It is also evident that these technological forces are driven by the fundamental forces unveiled by crypto in recent weeks.

One analytics company noted that the activity surrounding the cryptocurrency fund accounting seems to indicate that BTC could be in the process of making a change. This sign of a trend reversal comes as analysts put a bullish on the crypto, realizing that it could be well seen to look even higher in the coming days.

The Power of Bitcoin Grows As More Eye Analysts
At the time of writing, Bitcoin is selling more than 3% at its current price of $ 10,800. This price reflects a significant increase from its daily reduction of $ 10,200 set during a slight decline on 14th September. Weaknesses seen by crypto over the past few weeks have hampered its technical vision, prompting analysts to speculate that it may be expected to reverse its mid-year bullfighting trend.

However, a strong regional defense of $ 9,900 to $ 10,000 has been a surprisingly good development for cryptocurrency, indicating that this could be a solid basis for growth against it.

The BTC Wallet function points to a change in the Bullish trend
Throughout this ongoing competition, the number of active Bitcoin addresses on a daily basis has dropped. This reflects the tendency to change, as historically, these types of sharp drops have preceded the change in orientation in the middle of the Bitcoin term. If this historical trend continues, then the current decline of daily active addresses may indicate that this is the beginning of a new uptrend. So if you do not have it yet then Bitdenex will help you start trading BTC. It gives you free access to other cryptocurrencies as well. Open an account now for free and start trading.