Healthcare Gets some Open-Source dose, Is it the cure for Coronavirus?

Several communities like open-source and crypto have been working hard to stop the Coronavirus outrage. Ethical tracking measures, 3D printing schematics and crypto based charity campaigns are several initiatives which have been manifested with the help of healthcare efforts. It’s not just about the virus that has to be fought but also the time. Companies and organisations both are fighting against time.

We all know that the novel Coronavirus has touched almost every corner of the world. So far it has not been easy to control the spread of the virus. Solution to this problem demands the cooperation from each and every affected country. Failing to do so will have deadly consequences.

We have seen this recently and some countries has imposed a full lockdown while some of them have remained open even after the rapid spread of the virus. Example of Europe is in front of us. It’s almost impossible to contain the spread of virus and the reason is the lack of coordination between the different countries across the continent.

This is a multi-tired problem. It swivel on gathering accurate information which would help the government to respond effectively. In other words linking medical professionals, security forces as well as other jurisdictions. After all the information gathering and syncing of professionals the implementation of these practices must be fast. Also one must ensure that all these measures should be implemented as ethically as possible. People on the crypto community worries that in this pandemic the governments may plan to implement stricter surveillance mechanisms.