Holding above current level could send Bitcoin to $14,000?

The Bitcoin consolidation phase has damaged the transparency that many investors have attracted about the strength of the uptrend. Because the resistance found above the current BTC price has proven to be undeniable, while it remains unclear what could possibly crypto pass at this level.

Analysts still believe the crypto view can be too bright. To ensure its potential power, however, it is important for consumers to drive it above $ 9,820. Continuous holding above this level may be enough to lead it all the way up to $ 14,000. Bitcoin is currently trading within an affiliate channel that has been held internally for the past few weeks.

Buyers and traders of the cryptocurrency market have both reached a disadvantage, and there has never been a clear placement of spark-light in all directions.

The BTC has been in a downward spiral as of late. But analysts point out that there is only a slight upward trend in sales now that could cause the movement to exceed $ 10,000.

If this happens and manages to break beyond its time-high resistance of $ 10,500, crypto could see an explosive parabolic meeting send it to its high points of about $ 14,000.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading over 4% at its current price of $ 9,400. It has been on sale within the mid-$ 9,000 region for the past few weeks. It has faced increased sales pressure over the past 24 hours due to a recent refusal to face $ 10,000. This marked the latest in a series of tough rejections at this price point, and also ensured that consumers have no limit to existing retailers.

One famous analyst recently explained that it is important for Bitcoin to gain acceptance over $ 9,820, as this marks the upper limit of the 43-day range. If it can hold above this level, crypto can be set at a meeting point for $ 10,100.

One commenter explained that it is important for consumers to earn Bitcoin above $ 10,500 in the near future. This is the rate at which the BTC has faced three tough rejections over the past six months, and the lack of a “triple top” derivative currently playing would be very bullish.

The trader said a firm closing above this level will open the gates for a quick meeting of up to $ 14,000. If consumers failed to undo the buy off seen by Bitcoin this morning and push it past $ 9,820, crypto could be at a low.