XRP has not gone very well in the last few years. Ever since cryptocurrency rose by about $ 3.30 (depending on what you are looking for,) it has been in a downward spiral, marked by a March crash, which has peaked at $ 0.11, up 96% lower than the peak. However, recent observations from a cryptocurrency trader indicate that as long as you have bought a long time ago, you will still be able to profit from your XRP investment.

Crypto vendor Credible Crypto recently commented that while XRP hasn’t been working well since its regular season, it’s still very much Bitcoin from a long-term point of view.

The Credible chart seen below illustrates this point: since the crypto market gained its last spot in 2014, less than six years ago, XRP has gained 67,000% while Bitcoin has thanked 40,000%.

That meant that if you bought XRP worth $ 1,000 down in 2014, that figure could now be worth $ 67,000 – making it one of the best investments in the multi-billion dollar building at the same time.

Notably, not all sunlight and arrows per se. The chart also revealed that if you, the owner of the XRP ideas worth $ 1,000, sold above the bull market, you could have made $ 941,000, just a seven-digit smidgen scandal.

Either way, Credible has taken this as a time to remind its followers that despite the sentiment, XRP is still a worthwhile investment, even when compared to Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, analysts expect XRP to accumulate a number of its benefits, or at least the many benefits it has already offered since its rise. According to previous reports from the Bitcoinist, the famous crypto expert later shared that the long-term technology structure of an asset is nothing but a commodity.

Showing “double rejection” in the mainstream support areas and the fact that XRP currently enters the region where there is less historical funding.

While altcoin was in the midst of crashes during last month’s withdrawal, Brandt revealed that he thought XRP had a “white” spot at the bottom of the chart, indicating that there was little support if the rubber would eventually collide with the road, he said.