Increase In Bitcoin Hashrate Points to BTC Profits

In addition to the decline in Bitcoin prices, the increase in total mining hashrate reflects confidence in future BTC price gains. Bitcoin’s total mining hashrate increased to a new high of more than 150 EH / s (exahashes per second) last week despite a fall in BTC prices. Bitcoin mining is very profitable compared to the competing processes of SHA-256, most of which are Bitcoin forks. Increasing participation from miners outside China and the United States, Canada and Kazakhstan are growing mining areas.

The miners continue to strengthen their operations as the profitability of BTC mines remains high compared to other SHA-256 funds. Many other factors point to the continued growth of Bitcoin hashrate.

BTC Hashrate Is Following BTC Price
Miner has a common story “Hashrate follows price”, because Bitcoin prices determine mining profits. Miners turn off their equipment when prices fall and then turn it on when prices rise.
However, a recent increase in hashrate to ATH (highest) of 150 EH / s occurred while BTC decreased by 24%. This behaviour suggests that miners are confident of increasing prices even more.
The price of Bitcoin currently complies with its pre-split pump levels of about $ 10,000 in May. In addition, it rose to a record high of $ 12,475 on September 1, with prices remaining more than $ 11,000 for most of August, allowing miners to block their disclosure by entering into future contracts and options.
In addition, the decline in prices for other SHA-256 contracts such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV was higher than for BTC, encouraging miners to switch their equipment from these forks to the relevant Bitcoin.
One such drop was the invisible fork of the Bitcoin Vault (BTCV). Altcoin dropped by more than 73% from the $450 levels reached in August.

Interest in Cryptocurrency Rising Global
Earlier this month, Marathon, a publicly listed mining company in the United States, announced the installation of 700 new generation ASIC miners: 700 WhatsMiner M31S + and almost the same number of S19 Pro Ant-miners. It also plans to increase its total tenfold next year with the acquisition of 3,300 Fastblock ASIC miners.
The industry sees an increase in interest rates from factories and governments in the USA, Canada and Kazakhstan. The Kazakh government has reportedly invested in cryptocurrency infrastructure, starting with the installation of a 180 MW mining facility in Ekibastuz.
Riot Blockchain, another prominent miner in the United States, aims to double its hashrate to 2,000 PH / s with the purchase of approximately 13,000 S19 Pro miners from Bitmain in June 2021.
Although Bitcoin prices continue to decline, arresting miners seems unlikely. The miners look hopeful for the future of BTC. Looking at the future one must also be ready for digitalisation.
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