[NEWS] Ukraine will conduct an airdrop to donors, after receiving more than $30 million so far.

For the first time in history, a country will conduct an ‘airdrop’ “Airdrop confirmed” Ukraine’s official Twitter account posted today.

“Snapshot” will be taken tomorrow, in March, it was not clear what “snapshot” referred to and in which form the rewards would be given like tokens, NFTs, or some other form.

On February 26th Ukraine asked for donations and since then raised more than 30 million US dollars. At the moment, it’s raising far greater funds using more conventional funding tools.

Since Russia invaded last week, Ukraine’s government has been using memes and digitally growing hacking techniques to raise awareness of its plight and garner funds – including an online request to “Send Putin to Jupiter” by buying virtual rocket parts for $2.99 a pop.

 “The people of Ukraine are grateful and happy for the support and donations from the global crypto community as we protect our freedom,” Ukraine’s official account tweeted a day before.