Pacsun, a youth fashion retailer, now accepts 11 cryptocurrencies

Pacsun, youth apparel, and retail business stated on October 5 that it is now taking cryptocurrency using Bitpay’s payment services. According to Pacsun, the company caters to a “tech-savvy” younger clientele, and there has been a “growing thirst for cryptocurrencies.”

Pacific Sunwear of California has gone crypto, according to Pacsun

Pacific Sunwear of California, LLC, often known as Pacsun, is an American retail apparel business that now accepts crypto-assets. Pacsun, which was founded in 1982, has around 400 locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

The company said that it will take 11 various crypto assets, including bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH), wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), dogecoin (DOGE), and litecoin (LTC) through a partnership with Bitpay (LTC). Pacsun will also accept five other stablecoins tied to the US dollar.

“With digital sales tripling in the previous year, we recognize the significance of continuing to provide an excellent online shopping experience for our consumers,” said Brie Olson, Pacsun’s president, in a statement. “It’s amazing to be the first in the fashion and retail industry to accept bitcoin payments with Bitpay, and we expect many more businesses to follow suit given how simple it makes the checkout process.”


‘Pacsun Sees a Growing Desire for Cryptocurrency,’ says Pacsun. Maintaining Lifestyle Trends Is Critical, According to a Fashion Chain

Pacsun also feels that keeping up with fashion trends is “just as important” as keeping up with lifestyle trends, according to the statement. When the business introduced its new Pacsun Kids line of products, which included cooperation with the ROBLOX metaverse, they saw similar patterns. “Pacsun shares our objective of allowing everyone to live life on crypto, making them a logical addition to our expanding roster of leading companies using bitcoin,” said Stephen Pair, Bitpay’s co-founder, and CEO.

According to Michael Relich, co-CEO of Pacsun, Gen Z is the company’s core customer and is “extremely tech-oriented.” According to Relich, the company spends a significant amount of time and effort “aligning with their lifestyles and connecting with them on a more personal basis.” Pacsun has seen a rise in demand from younger generations who wish to use digital currencies to pay for products and services.

“With their growing interest in cryptocurrencies, it was apparent that we needed to adapt and include Bitpay as another payment option to further cement their trust in us as one of their go-to shops that genuinely listens,” Relich said.