Paraguay considered as new Bitcoin mining location

Several firms are considering Paraguay as a potential location for their bitcoin mining operations. Future Fintech, a Chinese business, announced formal plans to create a bitcoin mining facility in the country last week, noting that they were still determining the ideal location for the farm. Local media reported in June that eight Chinese economic entities were interested in visiting the nation.

Paraguay Considered for Its Bitcoin Mining Potential

Paraguay, a South American country that is often disregarded, has recently caught the attention of mining companies interested in establishing operations there. For these parties, Paraguay offers various advantages, including an extensive amount of idle hydroelectric power that might be put to use. Bitcoin mining has a reputation for being a “dirty” sector, but with this much clean electricity, companies could mine without concern for the environment.

Future Fintech, a Chinese business that was invited to Paraguay, has already expressed interest in establishing a bitcoin mining operation there. According to a press release issued last week, the company’s CEO, Shanchun Huang, will evaluate the facts to determine the best course of action for making this a reality. According to Huang,


We intend to evaluate this development possibility in Paraguay carefully. We’ll engage with our local consultant to assess Paraguay’s hydropower and clean energy resources, as well as potential places for a mining farm and possible advantageous policy treatment for our capital commitment.

The corporation also made a specific mention of the government of Paraguay’s support for the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Many More Could Be Coming

Many more organizations may be covertly plotting to relocate their operations to Paraguay, especially in light of China’s recent cryptocurrency crackdown, which resulted in a bitcoin mining exodus. Juanjo Bentez Rickmann, the CEO of bitcoin mining startup Digital Assets, indicated in July that at least eight Chinese economic groups were interested in Paraguay, although he did not elaborate on who these groups were.

Furthermore, Rickmann indicated that he had information that one of these groups was already in the nation and planned to deploy 90,000 miners in the following months. The 5,500 megawatts of underutilized power that Paraguay is reported to produce might usher in a new era of bitcoin mining in the country.