Reddit Seeks Senior Engineer for platform that features “NFT-Backed Digital Goods”

Reddit, American social news aggregation and discussion website, posted a job opening for a senior backend developer for a non-fungible token (NFT) platform on Friday. The new job would work as part of Reddit’s development team, “designing, building, and shipping backend services enabling millions of users to make buy, trade, and utilize NFT-backed digital commodities.”

A Senior Engineer is needed for a possible NFT platform, according to a job posting on Reddit

Reddit appears to be working on a non-fungible token (NFT) component for its platform, which, based on a recent job description, appears to be a marketplace. According to the freshly posted job advertisement, Reddit is looking for a “senior backend engineer” for their “NFT platform.”

By utilizing Ethereum and Arbitrum, Reddit has previously dabbled in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The firm’s community points system differs from the job posting for a new engineer devoted to NFT technology.

According to Reddit’s job posting, “If there’s one thing we’ve found with NFTs, they, too, have an unbelievable potential to engender a sense of engagement and belonging.” “With each new NFT project, a thriving community of owners emerges. Fans of today’s largest creators and businesses are flocking to buy digital items directly from them in order to support them, receive unique access, and feel a closer bond with them.”


The following is taken from the company’s job posting:

We anticipate that this trend will continue and that NFTs will play an increasingly important part in how people support their favorite creators and communities.

‘Experience With Crypto / NFTs / Go Not Required’ on Reddit

While there are some qualifications in the job description, such as over five years of backend development expertise, knowledge with cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the programming language Go is “not necessary.”

The backend, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be devoted to non-fungible token (NFT) services. According to Reddit’s description, the new senior backend engineer will “design, construct, and ship backend services enabling millions of users to make, buy, sell, and utilize NFT-backed digital commodities.”

Furthermore, according to the Reddit job posting, the firm is adaptable in light of the epidemic, and the job may be done from anywhere.