TRON (TRX) Soars 10%, BTC Still Stuck in the Same Range

Tron is the most notable winner among large-cap alternatives, posting a double-digit price gain. Bitcoin is near 37054 Euro

After another price drop to levels below €35133, Bitcoin went on the offensive and jumped to almost €37032. Most of the altcoin space is looking unusually quiet, with Tron among a few impressive gainers after a 10% price surge.

Bitcoin Eyes €37K

After last week’s failed adventure above €37982, in which BTC twice shot above that level but was violently rejected, the cryptocurrency has remained well below this coveted line.

Furthermore, the bears had almost complete control of the market and did not allow BTC to initiate a surge. Quite the opposite, they pushed the asset south and it fell below € 36082 on a few occasions.

The last came 24 hours ago when Bitcoin fell to an intraday low of €35608. However, BTC responded well to this price drop and started to appreciate in value fairly quickly.

In a matter of hours, it surged over €949and approached €37032. At the time of writing, it’s near that level, meaning its market cap has grown to €702 billion.