Why Ethereum Outperforms Bitcoin and Could Rally To New All-Time Highs

In terms of the US Dollar, Ethereum has risen beyond $4,175 for the first time. If there is a clear break over $4,300 in the near term, ETH might gain value.

Ethereum managed to break over the $4,175 and $4,200 resistance levels.
The rate is presently trading over $4,200 and the basic moving average of 100 hours.

On the hourly chart of ETH/USD, a substantial increasing channel is formed with support at $4,175 (information feed by means of Kraken).
If the set clears the $4,300 and $4,320 resistance levels, it might prolong its rally.

The price of Ethereum may continue to rise

After settling over the $4,050 mark, Ethereum saw a new surge. ETH was able to break over the $4,750 resistance zone as well as the 100 hourly basic moving average.

The price of ether even rose beyond the $4,250 barrier level. Near $4,313 a high was made, and the rate is presently combining gains. It traded below the $4,300 mark on the stock exchange. The cost of immediate assistance is around $4,260. The mentioned level is close to the upward wave’s 23.6 percent Fib retracement level from the $4,091 swing low to $4,313 high.

On the per hour chart of ETH/USD, a substantial increasing channel is forming with support at $4,175 as well. Near the $4,300 mark, there is immediate pushback on the advantage.

The next important obstacle is at $4,320, over which the rate may resume its upward trend. In the aforementioned scenario, the rate may rise to $4,400. Any further rises might push the rate closer to $4,550.

Are Dips Accepted in ETH?

If ethereum fails to move upward over the $4,300 and $4,320 resistance levels, a new downward correction might commence. The cost of preliminary help for the disadvantage is around $4,260.

The initial level of major support is around $4,200. It’s close to the 50% Fib retracement level of the rising wave from the swing low of $4,091 to the high of $4,313. The main help is around $4,175 and the channel pattern line. Any additional disadvantages might push the rate up to $4,050 in aid. The bulls’ next important support is approaching the $4,000 mark.

Indicators of Technical Excellence

The MACD for ETH/USD is in the positive zone on an hourly basis.

RSI on an hourly basis — The RSI for ETH/USD is presently far over 50.

$4,175 is the Major Support Level.

$4,320 is the major resistance level.